your HSA plan will allow you to save money tax-free and pay for qualified health expenses, whether you itemize your taxes or not? Also, the money in your HSA plan is yours to keep and will roll over and continue to grow from year to year.


With the cost of health care and health insurance premiums on the rise, employers are looking for ways to save money while still providing a quality safety net to employees. By redesigning employee benefit offerings, an employer can accomplish both goals. Most carriers now offer consumer driven health plans (CDHP) that shift some of the cost sharing to the employee. An employer can offer an HRA or HSA plan to help close the cost sharing gap.

Key Elements of an HRA
bullet HRAs are employer-funded. Employee contributions are not permitted.


bullet The employer can decide what benefits to reimburse. Some popular plan designs, for example, are to fund a portion of the deductible or to reimburse for inpatient hospital services.
bullet HRAs allow an employer to essentially self-insure a portion of their health insurance. The employer will know what their maximum liability is for the year and hopefully will realize significant savings depending on employee utilization.
bullet Unlike an FSA, an HRA allows for the rollover of funds at the employer’s discretion, however rollovers are not a mandatory feature.
bullet Employees can receive reimbursement free of all federal and state taxes. These contributions are 100% tax deductible to the employer.
bullet An HRA can also be used to self-insure dental or vision benefits or any other elgible health expenses. The plan design possibilities are almost endless!
bullet An employer can control the availability of funds – such as make the employee’s allotment available up-front (like a health care FSA) or pro-rated based on pay cycle (like a dependent care FSA) or some other schedule (e.g. monthly, quarterly).
bullet HRA plans can also be offered to retirees, which could provide a competitive edge.

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is an employee-owned account offered in conjunction with a qualified High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). Employers favor these plans because, along with the decreased premium of the HDHP, the money contributed to the HSA is 100% tax deductible or the employer may choose to contribute nothing at all. Employees like HSAs because, since the account is always vested, it is 100% portable. Employees maintain control over when and if to use funds.

The account is established exclusively for the purpose of paying for qualified medical expenses incurred by the account beneficiary and/or qualifying dependents. Both employers and employees can make tax-free contributions to the HSA, up to a specified limit, indexed annually by the IRS.

BAI has partnered with Lane Health to offer their award winning HSA solution to our clients. The Lane Health HSA program makes it simple and easy for employees enrolled in High Deductible Health Plans to pay medical bills in a very affordable manner. By doing so, Lane Health provides increased financial protection and peace of mind. Lane Health’s HSA helps eliminate a significant financial barrier to care thereby improving health and impacting long-term medical cost trends. Lane Health’s HSA provides an Advance line of credit to employees above any funding commitment or contribution made by them or their employer through their HSA. Employees repay Advances over the following 12 months (subject to a minimum per-pay period payment of $10) through automatic pre-tax payroll deductions. By repaying with pre-tax dollars, employees can save 20-30% or more (depends on employee tax situation) on their out-of-pocket costs and employers save on payroll taxes as well.

We have chosen to partner with Lane Health because their philosophy and service model aligns so well with ours: Making sure the customer has an exceptional experience.

For more information about Lane Health’s HSA solution, please contact Dion Rumsey, Lane Health’s Regional Sales Leader, at drumsey@lanehealth.com or 917-453-2602.

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